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International Schools: Japan

Japan offers arguably the widest range of International Schools in the region, with quality education and high standards. There are excellent establishments on each major island so commuting need not be an issue. Here we highlight some of those, which can be considered 'The Best'.

Seisen International School

Nagoya International School

St. Mary's International School

Horizon Tokyo

Hokkaido International School


Seisen International is a Catholic School with a Christian atmosphere in which students of all races, nationalities and faiths thrive. Seisen has high expectations for its students character development and academic achievement.

Seisen has almost 700 students representing 60 nations. The co-ed Montessori Kindergarten is designed to take full advantage of young children’s self motivation and sensitivity to their environment. The girls only Elementary program motivates students to become learners and participants in a collaborative international community. The high school serves the needs of the university bound by offering IGCSE courses and the International Baccalaureate program. Facilities include computer centers, gymnasium, chapel, tennis courts, libraries, music and art rooms.

...Creating Life-Long Learners.

From the very first squeak of their gym shoes at the entrance of Nagoya International School (NIS), students can feel there’s a different passion here.

At NIS, we want the natural curiosity of our students to blossom within an environment where academic and personal skills have room to grow and mature. Our approach uses a mix of individualized, small group and whole-class instruction to help meet each child’s personal learning style, and we provide many opportunities for inquiry and self-expression. Structured along an American model of education, our Englishlanguage, college-preparatory curriculum is the backbone of the NIS program. From preschool through high school we fulfill the challenging curriculum with smaller classes and ongoing communication, and, most importantly, with a highly-qualified, caring faculty, hired from around the world.

Over the past decade, we have worked to create a well-designed, forward-built campus. Technologies will no doubt change, but our commitment is to have a campus that makes the best use of space, whether for chemistry lab or musicals, writing seminars or musicals, varsity basketball or sculpture class.

Besides top-rate facilities, however, it is our community that sets NIS apart — a solid core of educators, families, friends and businesses working together toward a common goal. What began 40-years ago to meet a pressing local need has become a school that students aspire to, one that will challenge and prepare them for life beyond our walls. It is a school that keeps kids curious, for life.

St Mary’s International School is an all-boys school located in Tokyo, Japan, enrolling boys from Kindergarten through Grade 12. St. Mary’s has 965 boys attending from 59 countries. The diverse cultural, academic and religious backgrounds of our students culminate in a special spirit of understanding and present a unique type of education. The school aims to blend these diverse elements into a unity that enables our students to obtain a global perspective and respect for one another. As a Catholic school, St Mary’s integrates the acquisition of knowledge, the establishment of responsible freedom and the deepening of personal faith. Education at St Mary’s is based on love and respect for the person, in full recognition of the dignity of humankind created in God’s image and destined to live in union with Him. Students are made aware of global issues, as well as of the aspirations of people who work for peace, justice, freedom and truth, in the hope that these may engender beliefs and actions conducive to the betterment of humanity. We offer an academic collegepreparatory program as well as the International Baccalaureate.

Accredited by WASC and CIS, and now celebrating its 50th Anniversary!

Horizon Japan International School (HJIS) is one of the three international schools in Yokohama accredited by the Japanese Government. HJIS offers a coeducational, pre-K to 6 curriculum in the English language. Each student at HJIS receives a comprehensive, international education, which includes all core academic subjects as well as Japanese, music, physical education, computers, art, drama, library education, and character development.

Small class size at HJIS allows our certified, experienced teachers to focus on each student’s individual needs. Because a balance of academic, social and emotional well-being is integral to a child’s success in school, we strive to create a caring, stimulating, and challenging educational environment that is childcentered and that allows each student to realize his or her potential. We are committed to nurturing this growth through a strong sense of respect for diversity.

HJIS is proud to announce the purchase of a new building that will house our elementary school and junior high school campus in the near future. With modern, state-of-the-art facilities, students will have every advantage to learn, create, and explore. HJIS offers reasonable fees, a school bus service, and easy access from both Tokyo and Yokohama. We warmly welcome potential students and their families to visit us at any time.

Hokkaido International School offers a western education to Pre-K through 12th grade students from Sapporo and abroad. The only accredited school in Hokkaido (WASC), HIS features a dormitory, caring teachers, small classes, a beautiful facility, and a challenging academic program, which includes five AP subjects. All this is set in the natural splendor of Japan's northern-most island.

We take full advantage of outdoor opportunities with an active Outdoor club, overnight hiking trips, and our Skiing and Snow-boarding club. HIS has a dynamic, exciting music program, strong arts program, and sports teams that compete locally and with other international schools.

The healthy environment and proximity of our dorm to school (10 meters away!) makes HIS an attractive option for students from large urban centers for whom attending an international school would require a long commute. Learn more at

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