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Shekou International School - China

Why Choose Shekou International School? email:

History/Accreditation/Location: Founded in 1988, SIS is Shenzhen’s oldest international school and preferred by its expatriate community. Serving 32 nationalities, it is the only school in the area fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Located in the expatriate suburb of Shekou, it is convenient to Shenzhen city, central Hong Kong, and Hong Kong International Airport.

Curriculum: SIS follows an American/International standards-based curriculum. With the school’s rich resources, SIS students have rigorous academic experiences in core areas and in fine and applied arts. Learning is an active process at SIS, and the students master pre-established benchmarks in each of the areas of study. Parents receive regular feedback on students’ progress and are actively involved in the school. AP courses are offered in the high school, both on site and online. An ESOL immersion program is available for emerging English speakers, although SIS limits the number of non-fluent students.

Technology: SIS features over 250 networked computers and operates four fully equipped labs; every classroom has additional work stations. The school is 100% wireless, and, at High School, each student is issued a laptop. Students can take supplemental courses through Virtual High School.

Facilities: SIS has access to a swimming pool, two playgrounds, tennis courts, fitness center, squash court, and an indoor, air conditioned gymnasium-facilities unique among Shenzhen’s international schools. SIS is sited within Jingshan Villas, a treed and green gated community preferred by Shenzhen’s top corporate executives.

SIS Media Center: The Media Center includes more than 12,000 volumes of curricular resources and more than 500 videos and periodicals for circulation. It is the largest English library in Shenzhen.

Fine Arts Program
The visual arts department offers rich art experiences ranging from ceramics to sculpture to printmaking and more. The music and drama programs provide students performance experiences instrumentally and vocally, and in acting.

Chinese Language and Culture Program/World Languages
Mandarin language and Chinese culture are requirements for all students, and a full understanding of the host country is an ongoing focus. French is offered as an alternative language.

After School Activities/Sports
After school activities include such things as, wall climbing, swimming, soccer, guitar/drum, puppet making, cooking, drama, art, cartooning, bowling, knitting, jewelry making, Kung-Fu or Tae-Kwan-Do. Model United Nations (MUN) is popular in Middle and High School. Older students can be involved in local and regional sports competitions in soccer, basketball, volleyball, rugby and more.

Classroom without Walls
In every grade, students travel within China for an afternoon or even a week to places such as the Flower Market, Cultural Village, Ocean Park in Hong Kong, Macau, Yangshou , Foshan, Outward Bound in Hong Kong, Sichuan, Mongolia, and the foothills of the Himalayas!

Guidance and Counseling Program
High School students also have a comprehensive college planning program organized through the counseling department while at Elementary and Middle the focus is on building strong character.

Teachers: SIS hires only the finest experienced teachers available. Recruiting from around the world, our staff is recognized for hard work, intelligence, good will, and abidingly, a love for children.

SIS Families
SIS families truly value a quality education. As a result, the students have a zest for learning and pursue academic excellence. SIS parents are from the upper echelon of the corporate community in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Guangdong. Key corporations served are BP, IKEA, Samsung, Wal-mart, Microsoft and others.

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