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Wings N Things of America Inc.

Business Type: Franchise

F.J. Spillman - Founder, Chairman of the Board and President

F.J. Spillman has an extensive background in the restaurant business, as he founded his first corporation in 1960, Pizza Inn, Inc., when he was twenty-two years old. He opened over 800 Pizza Inn restaurants worldwide. With a vision to support services to Pizza Inn, F.J. Spillman founded Norco Distribution Center in 1965. In 1976, Mr. Spillman founded Quality Sausage Company to be another support service for Pizza Inn. The company became highly successful and, in 1986, was sold to Cheeseborough-Pond for approximately 25 million dollars. During his tenure with Pizza Inn, F.J. Spillman was presented with a number of awards..


WINGS-PIZZA-N-THINGS is a middle priced restaurant that appeals to the person who deserves informality with real and perceived values for money spent dining out and eating on-the-go.

The restaurant features a warm, pleasant atmosphere, fast service and quality food served from a menu which features Famous Buffalo Wings, 100% Angus Beef Hamburgers, Hand-cut Fries, Grilled Chicken Sandwiches, Chicken Fingers, Quesadillas, Salads, and our specialty dessert, homemade fried fruit pies. The restaurant offers workers, retail clerks, semi-professional and professional people who work in the vicinity a nice atmosphere to unwind from the toils of the day while enjoying our many much deserved entrees.

A well defined training program for new employees and our ongoing employee development programs cover a centralized range of food item preparation training which allows for an easy learning atmosphere that offers quick and simple training procedures to ensure almost any labor demographic.

WINGS-PIZZA-N-THINGS Franchise Information

Before you open your doors we will provide:

  • license to use WINGS-PIZZA-N-THINGS Restaurants trademark.
  • Training for you and the key people in your organization.
  • Site selection assistance/real estate company.
  • Restaurant design and layout management.
  • Regional and local advertising and marketing assistance.
  • On-site support during the opening of your restaurant.
  • An extensive, detailed Operations Manual.

Once you have opened your doors for business you will receive:

  • Telephone consultation support.
  • Continued visitation and quality assurance inspections.
  • Recommendations for inventory and labor cost projections and controls.
  • National food contracts to insure simplicity and competitive pricing.
  • Central volume printing of menus, door hangers, and magnets.
  • Continued research and development to keep WINGS-PIZZA-N-THINGS ahead of the competition.
  • Public relations and Marketing support.

Consider the Advantages of a Wings-Pizza-N-Things Franchise

  • Offers a variety of menu items.
  • Our startup costs are unbelievably reasonable.
  • WINGS-PIZZA-N-THINGS Restaurants Cater to Dine In, Take Out and Delivery.
  • Our unique store design creates an event that transcends the dining experience.
  • Everything about WINGS-PIZZA-N-THINGS Restaurants contributes to our Brand identity and helps us to build market awareness.
  • Real Estate assistance in every market.
  • Outstanding on-going support from a dedicated Franchise Support Team with solid industry experience.

or information on owning your own Wings Pizza N Things, visit us at:

Or contact us at: 866-757-WING
Or email:



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