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Beyond Juice

A Beyond Juice License is your opportunity to own a Beyond Juice Café in your community. Barnes and Noble sells books and offers coffee. General Nutrition Centers sell vitamins and supplements. Starbucks sells coffee and sweets. A Beyond Juice Café is a place where people meet for lunch and rejuvenate their body with a wonderful tasting and healthy (Meal-In-A-Cup), or choose one of our healthy salads, or sandwiches.

In the beginning, Beyond Juice (originally "Total Energy") purveyed blended juice drink products based on scientifically prepared formulas that delivered maximum nutrition and maximum taste. The company's goal was to create a healthy alternative to fast food that actually tastes better than fast food. The original Beyond Juice formulas were made possible through research by nutritionists, doctors and health professionals who understand the human body. It was the goal of the company's founders to get their science right, the first time. They succeeded.

Originally, Beyond Juice operations were company-owned. They engendered quite a following and numerous requests for franchise information. The founders had no desire to franchise their unique and profitable business operations in the 1980's and 1990'. However the concept of franchising, seeded in consciousness, germinated there, and grew into the License Opportunity you are inquiring about today.

To request information about Beyond Juice you can contact us at
Or you can visit us at

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