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Expatriate Services

Expatriate Services for Expatriates Abroad

There are many considerations for expatriates who are in the process of relocating or who have just arrived in a new country. The main challenges are where to situate the office, buy or rent a property or stay in a serviced apartment? Where should family members be educated? Will they be safe? Which support groups are available in that country? Legal advice will also need to be sought and insurance policies have to be purchased. How many home possessions are brought and how much you can take back home will depend on the moving company that you use.

Another major consideration is the welfare of your family and in particular your children. Where are you able to provide a high level of education? How much does it cost? Will my children be safe? There are many international schools in every country of the world who are able to assist with the education of your children. These schools will be able to provide a well-rounded education for your children in an international environment. International Schools will also provide a good platform for your children to advance into any country for further education.

All the above mentioned decisions have to be taken seriously and information gained from companies who provide these services will assist you and your family in settling down into a new country with the greatest of ease.


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