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Campbell Cohen Law Firm - Canadian Immigration


Solutions for Immigration to Canada

Canada immigration Attorney David Cohen, of the Campbell Cohen Law Firm, has been representing individuals in obtaining their Canadian Permanent Residency for over 25 years. As Canadian immigration policy has evolved, he has maintained a forward-looking approach, offering his clients innovative solutions for the Canada immigration application process. With such extensive experience in the Canadian legal system, he has attracted clients from all corners of the globe for immigration to Canada. Attorney David Cohen is an established member of the Canadian Bar Association, the Quebec Law Society, and the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

Campbell Cohen Law Firm provides a full range of immigration Canada services to foreign individuals, small enterprises, and multi-nationals alike. Attorney Cohen's team of Canadian immigration specialists takes on the complete preparation of Permanent Residency and Temporary Work Permit applications and supplies expert advice at each stage of the process.

As your Canadian immigration representative, Attorney David Cohen and his staff will:

  1. Guide you in the selection of the Canada immigration category that is best for you.
  2. Ensure that you are awarded the maximum Canadian immigration points that you are entitled to.
  3. Prepare your application for a positive assessment by the Canadian visa officer.
  4. Speed up the immigration to Canada application process.
  5. Help you to find work in Canada.
  6. Minimize the chance of a selection interview.
  7. Access the Canadian visa officer notes on your case, as your legal representative in Canada.
  8. Avoid the Canadian visa officer's use of negative discretion on your application.
  9. Be your voice to Canadian immigration authorities.
  10. Treat you with the respect that you deserve...always.

Canadavisa.com, the online presence of Attorney David Cohen, is an essential source of Canada immigration information. To learn about your options for immigration to Canada, and the solutions that Attorney David Cohen can provide you with, we invite you to explore the following links:


To learn if you qualify for a Canada Immigration Permanent Resident Visa, please complete your free Canadian immigration assessment form. It will only take a couple of minutes and we will provide you with your eligibility report in less than 24 hours.

Free Canadian Immigration Assessment

Please feel free to contact us by telephone or by email to discuss your eligibility or to obtain the answers to your Canada immigration questions.

Contact Canada Immigration Law Firm

Attorney David Cohen, and his colleagues at the Campbell Cohen Law Firm look forward to starting the Canadian immigration application process with you.

You can look forward to your future life in Canada.


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