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Beacon House Adoption Services, Inc.

Beacon House Adoption Services, Inc. has been providing professional services to birth and adopting parents since 1989. A combined total of over 75 years experience is at your fingertips with Beacon House, whether it be general information, confidential counseling, prospective parent education and training, home study services, or full service adoption – international AND domestic.

Beacon House understands that adoption is an emotionally demanding experience for all parties. Professional, compassionate personnel can help put the joy into this once in a lifetime event.

Beacon House has programs and services to fill all adoption needs. Licensed in multiple states, and accredited in Russia for international adoptions, Beacon House helps to create families. Our strength lies in our dedicated staff and our determination to provide opportunities to prospective adoptive families that will best suit their situation.

Our strong domestic adoption program matches prospective adoptive parents with birth mothers who are committed to an adoption plan for their unborn child. Birth mothers are valued and cared for, and many retain lengthy relationships with Beacon House long after their adoption experience. Birth mothers are an integral part of the long term success of this program.

Our international programs are established and cost effective. Beacon House chooses to limit the international program to those countries that provide a stable adoption experience. Beacon House is accredited by the Russian Federation for international adoptions in that country. Adoption from Russia is by far the most predictable experience, with no surprises. Beacon House maintains a full staff of employees in Russia, and international staff in the US maintains constant contact to ensure continuity. Beacon House has been placing from Russia since 1998 and has been accredited since 2001. We are confident that this program will continued to grow as it has done in past years. Currently, Beacon House has representatives in 10 regions in Russia, and we are always seeking new opportunities for our families.

Other Eastern European or Latin American programs may be available upon request. Currently, certain Central and American countries are working to have procedures come into compliance with US standards, and may not available for some months yet.


International programs:
(850) 430-4005

Domestic information:
(225) 753-5551
Toll Free Birth Mother line: 1-888-987-6300

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