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Mongoose Advertising

If you are considering out-sourcing your advertising sales or changing your current supplier then let us work with you to explore fully the financial benefits that such a decision could make to your bottom line. We have worked with a variety of different companies in conducting a cost benefit analysis, showing that the decision to out-source will almost immediately lead to a decrease in overhead and an increase in profit.Our unique approach to the business of advertising sales sets new standards for magazine representation in the US. Our experience, commitment to quality and determination to represent publishing clients to the highest possible levels have made a real difference to the revenue development of our clients' titles.

The current Mongoose Atlantic Portfolio includes the following projects:

Since 1999, Mongoose Atlantic has represented Newsweek’s U.S and International Showcase sections. 'Showcase' sections are themed advertising options designed for small to medium size businesses to utilize the power of the Newsweek brand. We run the Showcase sections in a number of different demographic and geographic splits across the US and internationally. In addition to our print sales efforts we also administer and sell onto one supporting website -

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