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Harvard Summer School

General College Program

Selective College-Level
Program for High School

Open-Enrollment English
Language Program

Study Abroad

Study with distinguished faculty
Earn college credit
Choose from more than 200 courses
Learn with students from 90 countries
Participate in extracurricular activities
Explore Boston and New England

(617) 495-4024;
51 Brattle Street,  Cambridge,  MA 02138  USA


Summer Opportunities at Harvard University Cambridge, MA USA Harvard Summer School:

June 25-August 19, 2005

As part of America’s oldest and most prestigious university, the Harvard Summer School offers open admission in several hundred day and evening liberal arts courses, English language programs for non-native speakers, a selective college-level program for secondary school students and many extracurricular activities.

Students will have access to a distinguished faculty, well-equipped labs, exceptional museums, and the largest university library system in the world. They will live and learn with students of many ages from all areas of the United States and more than 90 countries.

For more information about the Harvard Summer School visit or call (617)495-4024.

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