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don Quijote Spanish Language School

don Quijote In-country Spanish language courses

Real life immersion in the Spanish language, an international student body – and an academic program with prestigious certifications

Since the founding of the first don Quijote Spanish language school in 1989, we have grown to 8 locations and earned an international reputation as one of the finest educational organizations in Spain and Latin America. Whether you are studying Spanish for academic credit, career advancement, business expansion or purely pleasure, don Quijote has a language program that meets your goals.

Here’s what you will always find at don Quijote:

An interactive, FUN learning experience. Our communicative teaching method brings results. We will truly IMMERSE you in the Spanish language and the local culture. You’ll find yourself speaking Spanish from the first day!

Our teaching method is active—and proven. For more than 18 years we’ve watched our students gain confidence and ability as they immerse themselves in Spanish and apply it to real life, practical situations. You’ll learn Spanish as you learned your native language—through practice and continuous communication.

Unequalled client satisfaction. More students come to us through referrals than through any other source. Our students leave us speaking Spanish with increased confidence, boasting of their rewarding stay in Spain or Latin America.

A wide range of options –in courses, accommodations and activities. Your course counsellor will help you design the study abroad program of YOUR choosing. Here you’ll find more than 20 courses, flexible start dates, and a wide range of accommodations, from host families to apartments and student residences.

A diverse –and international—student body. You’ll study with students from all over the world. Each year we welcome more than 12,000 students of all ages and more than 60 nationalities.

Recognized quality. Our courses have earned the prestigious certification of the Instituto Cervantes, the CEELE --Certificate for Excellence in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language--conferred by the University of Alcalá, and approval for US academic credits. Three of our schools boast full membership in the European Association of Quality Language Schools –a mark of quality so far conferred on only 6 language schools in Spain.

To find out more and schedule a free phone call with a course counsellor, visit
email: Phone: 34 923 26 88 74
Address: Pl. San Marcos, 7 - 37002 Salamanca - Spain

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