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The American Vacation - - Endangered Species??

When was the last time you took a vacation? If you're having trouble remembering, chances are, it's been too long. Join the club. Americans are taking fewer vacations than ever before, in fact workers are handing back to their employers an estimated $21 billion in unused vacation time every year. It's not that we don't want to get away, who doesn't? What's keeping millions of Americans from taking their well-deserved, annual vacations is the often hefty price to take the trip you want. Even a quick weekend getaway can pinch your pocketbook, when you factor in still steep gas prices, not to mention ever increasing lodging and restaurant prices. But there is a solution to this problem, as growing numbers of savvy consumers have discovered one of the best kept secrets in travel. By purchasing their vacations through web sites like, those in the know are saving literally hundreds of dollars to top resort destinations in the U.S., including Hawaii. Fairfield's site offers travel deals at a fraction of the retail price -- like packages for a two-night casino stay in Las Vegas for $50, or three nights in Orlando for just $149!! Many of these packages also include a variety of travel perks that will help you save even more - with benefits like dinner certificates, theme park tickets, gaming chips and other fun extras.

By now you're probably wondering how is all this possible. For years vacation ownership companies like Fairfield Resorts have offered valuable travel packages in exchange for 90-120 minutes (depending on destination) of your time to preview a premier resort property. There is no commitment to buy, and at the very least you'll spend a small portion of your vacation touring a spectacular resort. The rest of the vacation is yours to enjoy. So take advantage of your well-deserved vacation time and this money saving travel secret. When planning your next vacation, remember and get away for less.


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