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Contours Express

Contours Express

Finally, a gym featuring real weights for real results has arrived!

Contours Express, the all-women circuit training gym, offers its members a customized 29-minute workout on equipment that is not only designed for women, it also features positive and negative resistance; Women will never "plateau" with Contours Express' weight-bearing equipment like they would at competing gyms using hydraulic equipment. Whether women are looking to tone, lose inches or simply live stronger daily lives, Contours Express' customized strength-training workouts are made for women of any age!

And, more and more doctors agree - strength training regimens featuring weight-bearing equipment are the better way to exercise. That's why Contours Express is "The Better Idea in Women's Gyms".

The Workout
Contours Express is an energetic and inviting environment where in just 29 minutes, women of all fitness levels can better themselves inside and out. Specifically, our CardioFit exercise system featuring weight-bearing equipment is designed to fit the contour of a woman's physique, develops lean muscle, increases metabolism and improves bone density, helping to prevent osteoporosis while burning hundreds of calories!

The Opportunity
For an initial investment of less than the retail price of the equipment alone, our volume buying allows us to offer you:

  • The Equipment
  • Franchise Privileges
  • Business Systems
  • Our Exclusive Sixteen-Piece Cardiofit Circuit Cue Tape And Wall Charts Our "Contours University" Extensive 5-Day Training On-Site Club Opening Support.
  • Your Success

We are committed to your success! Contours Express utilizes key marketing disciplines (advertising, public relations, etc.) nationally and locally to broaden awareness about the company, the equipment difference and the overall benefits of strength training. We will work closely with you every step of the way to help you maximize buzz in your market, drive membership and most of all, create the inviting and fun atmosphere Contours Express is known for.

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