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Creative Circus

The Creative Circus is a school that exists for one reason: to transform you into a professional, working creative. Every class focuses on developing your portfolio. Every teacher works in the real world. And every talent that lies latent in your core blossoms. The Creative Circus produces some of the world's best copywriters, art directors, photographers and graphic designers, because it's all we do.

A two-year program designed to tap into your innate creativity, The Creative Circus has an environment like none other. It's open. It's collaborative. It's fresh. Bright. And energetic. No wonder Circus graduates have won enough Cannes Grand Prix awards, One Show Pencils and Clios to fill a small planet. They created commercials you saw during the Super Bowl. And they are creating ads for pretty much every big brand in America, including Nike, Budweiser, BMW and Mini Cooper.

In the ever-evolving world of digital photography, the Circus is also a leader. Our digital photography lab is second-to-none, with the best technology available today: Twelve dual G5 Macs, each with its own 23" Cinema Display and CRT palette monitor. So students have the best tools possible to succeed and compete.

The Creative Circus is a school firmly rooted in reality, but loose enough to change the world. Find out more. Call 404-607-8880 or visit www.creativecircus.com.

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