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True Presence franchise

Own An Interactive Marketing Agency

TruePresence franchise owners meet with small to mid-size businesses about their overall web presence, helping clients achieve greater success through an effective online presence.

Franchise owners use their strong business development, marketing and account management skills to build their business. Our experienced team, at headquarters, provides the website development, online marketing and hosting services so you don't need any technical experience.

The Small to Mid-Size Business Market is a Huge Opportunity!

»    Over 22 million nationally
»    Less than 50% currently have websites
»    Most sites are static
»    Majority do not utilize online marketing
»    600,000 new businesses each year

WE OFFER EXPERIENCE: TruePresence was started in 1995 by parent company Alabanza Corporation and currently hosts over 200,000 web sites.

WE OFFER SUCCESS: Protected territories to build your business, comprehensive training, and round the clock support.

WE OFFER AFFORDABLITY: TruePresence offers robust web solutions at affordable prices for business owners.

What do Franchise Owners Offer Their Clients?

TruePresence franchise owners provide their clients with a wide array of the most robust services, including:

  • Website Design
  • Application Development
  • Content Management
  • E-commerce Solutions
  • Search Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Advertising
  • Site Hosting and Technical Support
  • Content Management that easily allows customers to manage and update their website at any time of day

Could you be a TruePresence Franchise Owner?

Take a minute and fill-out the form, or call Gayle Becker at 410.649.2164 to see if you qualify for a TruePresence Interactive Marketing Agency.

Visit our website:



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