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Suburban Cylinder Express

Suburban Cylinder Express is an opportunity whose time has come!

This unique service franchise delivers propane tanks right to the homeowner – for use with their gas grills, patio heaters, and bug zappers – eliminating the dirty, unsafe chore of hauling empty propane tanks back and forth in their own vehicles! Suburban Cylinder Express provides protected geographic territories that include all residential and commercial customer opportunities. Working from your home office you will have direct access in an exclusive market providing upscale homeowners the best way to get their propane tanks. Our user-friendly on-line order access and 24/7 customer call center processes all customer orders. As a result, the business is simple to get started and operate, with little or no overhead! This is an opportunity you can depend on yourself and not a staff which is needed for more capital-intensive, higher overhead businesses. We do all your order processing, including input, billing and payment collection!

If you’re looking for an opportunity about the future, and not the past, Suburban Cylinder Express may be the ideal opportunity. Nearly 200 million propane tanks are exchanged or refilled annually in the U.S.

See why this is a sleeping industry giant ready to be awakened!

For more information please visit our franchising web site at


Suburban Cylinder Express – propane tanks that come to you!

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