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AIS Media Crop Circle spotted in Wales, England countryside

This unusual crop circle spotting supports growing suspicion that AIS Media has been collaborating with aliens and is now utilizing advanced alien technology to develop e-business solutions that are considered to be "significantly ahead of their time."

Atlanta, GA, February 15th, 2007 - AIS Media, Inc. (, an award-winning e-business solutions firm, has announced that a bizarre crop circle phenomenon was discovered during the morning hours over The Darcy Family Farm outside of Wales, England.

Winston Darcy, owner of the Darcy Family Farm had the shock of his life when he was awoken by bright lights in the middle of the night.

"I jus' woke up an' saw da' lights. Dem' aliens must really fancy AIS Media", said Darcy.

When Darcy discovered that the AIS Media logo had been etched into his field of crops, he immediately contacted local authorities to investigate. A pilot from the Royal Airforce captured an image of the unusual phenomenon with his mounted digital camera.

Thomas Harpointner, CEO of AIS Media stated, "I'm just as surprised as Mr. Darcy. This phenomenon is truly out of this world!"

Harpointner refused to comment on whether the company has been secretly collaborating with aliens to develop revolutionary advanced e-business solutions.

"We are committed to developing cutting-edge e-business solutions that help our customers thrive. Our company culture encourages innovative thinking and we're always open to exploring new ideas - regardless of their origin", said Harpointner.

For further information on this crop circle phenomenon and advanced how AIS Media's advanced e-business solutions can help your business thrive, you may contact AIS Media certified partners in the U.K., Peyton and Charlotte Martin, owners of Evolve eBusiness.

To locate a certified partner North America or abroad, visit:

Okay, it's a hoax. A shameful marketing ploy. But if it got your attention, you're not alone. It's just one example of how AIS Media's Interactive Media team is leveraging creative thinking, cutting-edge technology and marketing.

Disclaimer: The crop circle was merely a demonstration of AIS Media's Flash design capabilities. No actual crops were damaged.


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