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According to Forrester Research, e-Commerce sales will increase 19% year-over-year, rising to $229 billion in 2008 from $95.7 billion in 2003. With so many commercial sites on the Internet all vying for the same consumer dollars, it is becoming progressively more difficult for businesses to stand out and find their market. The solution to this ever-growing challenge is Search Engine Marketing: an integral part of WSI Internet Franchise industry-leading Internet Solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses.

Customers who already know a business’ web address will have little problem finding and utilizing a site, however, this makes up a very small percentage of the potential clientele who use the Internet every day. Research shows that the majority of Internet users rely on search engines like Google™ and Yahoo™ to quickly locate the products and services they need.

While few would discount the value of being listed in a search engine—a process that can take weeks or months, depending on the service—many don’t realize that simply being listed isn’t enough. Not anymore. Sites must rank among the top search results if they ever hope to see a user click-through. By employing WSI Internet Franchise Search Engine Optimization strategies, sites not only get listed within days, they also appear at the top of search results where interested consumers are looking for information.

One highly effective Search Engine Marketing option offered by WSI Internet Franchise is known as “Guaranteed Inclusion”. This traffic generation system is becoming increasingly popular among WSI clients because the results are guaranteed. In order to drive this guaranteed traffic to client sites WSI Internet Consultants must first create a profile of a business’ potential prospects. Then, through a proprietary process which involves analyzing millions of “traffic-trails” on the World Wide Web, the WSI Internet Consultant will identify the exact targeted search terms and phrases that these prospects are currently using to identify products and services similar to the ones being offered by the business owner. Once defined, WSI Internet Consultants can position a business so that when an Internet user enters a query using those words or phrases into a partnered search engine, the client’s site is returned at the top of the search results. With hundreds—and sometimes thousands—of links being returned in any given keyword search, the advantage given to WSI optimized sites is significant.

What’s best of all is that using WSI’s Guaranteed Inclusion system, business owners only pay for the traffic that they get; that is, businesses only pay when a potential customer clicks through to their site, making this an extremely controllable and cost-effective method of reaching a wide audience. This is especially important for WSI’s target market of small- to medium-sized businesses, where budgets don’t allow for large-scale “broadcast” advertising. WSI clients determine how much they wish to pay for the service each month, allowing them to easily set out and manage their online advertising budget.

WSI’s Guaranteed Inclusion system is also extremely flexible, as keywords and phrases can easily be changed to improve results, take advantage of seasonal opportunities or target different market segments. WSI Internet Consultants continually monitor their clients’ campaigns and suggest modifications whenever necessary to ensure consistent top rankings according to the business goals of their clients. This is an important competitive advantage on today’s Internet where sales are won and lost in the time it takes to enter a few keywords and hit “Search”.

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