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By utilizing the same technologies that have helped to establish online success for their clients, WSI’s own corporate website now receives more traffic than any other franchise website in the world.

With over a half billion hits per month on its network, WSI Franchise, the global leader in providing Internet Solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses is leading by example. Through its commitment to innovation, education, and customer satisfaction, WSI Franchise rapid growth has made its corporate website one of the most frequently visited online destinations in the franchising industry.

“It’s amazing to see just how much traffic our corporate site gets now,” says WSI Chief Executive Officer Louis Zalany. “To say over half a billion hits a month, it takes a minute for the scope of that number to really sink in.” With its rapidly growing network of Internet Consultants operating throughout the world, acts as a centralized starting point for the company’s franchisees, potential franchisees and customers alike. Filled with details about WSI Franchise products, services and unique methodology, the corporate site provides valuable information to potential clients, often introducing them to WSI Franchise for the first time and generating leads for WSI’s many franchisees. The explosive growth of visitor traffic to the WSI site confirms what the company has been telling its clients for years; the Internet is the single most important communications tool of our time and business owners the world over want to learn how to leverage its power.

Still a comparatively new player in the world of franchising, WSI has easily surpassed one of the most successful companies in the history of franchising, McDonald’s, in terms of global Internet traffic. As of January 2004, WSI was ranked 5,519 sites ahead of the industry giant according to a leading website traffic analyst. Even more remarkable is the large margin between WSI and other top franchises as listed by Entrepreneur magazine. WSI Franchise corporate site has a commanding 14,000 site lead over fast-food franchise Subway, and as the “Top Ten” progresses, major international brands fall even farther behind the Internet Solutions provider.

When presented with these latest numbers, newly-appointed WSI Chief Operating Officer Ron McArthur chose to focus instead on what is yet to come. “As we continue to develop as a company, our global traffic and thereby our international brand exposure will increase,” states McArthur. “Passing half a billion hits per month is a great accomplishment, but we’ll be all the happier when we grow to surpass a billion hits each month, and beyond. Our goal is to continue to work hard in order to remain the leading brand in Internet Consulting and to provide our clients with the opportunity to be amongst the leaders in their respective fields.”

By already surpassing franchise industry giants, WSI Franchise has shown that a combination of innovative technology and proven business systems can accelerate any business into a position of advantage. With this knowledge at hand, WSI’s international network of Internet Consultants will continue to teach small-to mid-size businesses how to compete with, and even surpass, their large scale competition in the online marketplace.

About WSI
WSI, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, is ranked the #1 Internet Services Business in the world and the 4th fastest-growing International Franchise. With systems that have been developed, utilized and proven by over 700 Internet Consultants in 87 countries worldwide, WSI delivers thousands of e-Business solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses annually. Visit for more information.