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ACE Security Laminates

Is Protecting People and Property Important?

Windows are extremely vulnerable to criminal acts. Protecting people and property is an important business. Security markets are at an all time high and are rapidly growing.

Prime Dealerships are available.

Every window is an opportunity to make MONEY.
Demand is so high we have work for you right now!!

Be Your Own Boss with the ACE/Security Laminates Dealership and Reseller Programs

  • No Royalty Fees
  • Protected Territories
  • Certified Training & Continued Support
  • Products used and approved by US Government

When applied to glass, ACE/Security Laminates transforms windows into a virtually impenetrable barrier.


We were attracted to the security industry for a business opportunity because of a high demand for security products. ACE was chosen because it is an established company with a global presence, good reputation and an outstanding product.
Dennis Riggs
ACE Arizona

I have been an ACE dealer for three and a half years, and the head office in Ottawa has been a great supporter of the success and development of my business. They have done this by providing extensive marketing materials, technical support as well as assistance with public demonstrations. I always receive excellent cooperation and assistance when I call the head office.
Peter Newhouse
ACE Hamilton

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