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Infertility - What's in a name?

For RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association, our name communicates our mission, our vision and our service.

When RESOLVE was founded by nurses nearly 32 years ago, they were intent on creating an organization to help those struggling with infertility to "resolve" their family building challenges and to display their “resolve” in doing so. RESOLVE amassed and disseminated timely and accurate information, offered compassionate support via a telephone help line and support groups and provided useful guidance to assist those with infertility to make informed decisions.

Since then, RESOLVE has maintained that tradition of caring support and education, added chapters nationwide and assumed leadership in advocacy and public awareness building on behalf of the infertile community. RESOLVE has helped hundreds of thousands of women and men overcome knowledge and financial barriers to achieve resolution of this life challenge via medical treatment, adoption or choosing to live childfree.

Now, more than ever, RESOLVE stands for resolution and offers a wide range of services and information to support individual strategies for resolving one’s infertility. With the growing number of treatment options and reproductive decisions facing patients, increasing healthcare costs and insurance coverage limitations, as well as the serious social and emotional impacts, RESOLVE remains a highly valued and trusted resource for the more than 7.3 million women and men facing infertility in our country.

Our goal at RESOLVE is to help individuals gather the information that will help them understand their options and empower them to work with healthcare and other professionals to make appropriate decisions, tailored to their personal needs. But it is more than the physical and financial challenges we help individuals confront. RESOLVE was created out of recognition of the enormous emotional toll that can accompany infertility. In fact, research studies have demonstrated that having peer support groups such as those provided by RESOLVE lend significantly to successful treatment outcomes. In the arena of infertility, knowing you are not alone in the journey can be a critical component to one’s effective family building.

RESOLVE remains focused on the needs of individual patients, we also recognize that the infertile community needs to have a voice within public policy to promote favorable societal changes. That means vying for infertility diagnosis and treatment as basic health benefits, incentives for those seeking to adopt, enhanced infertility research and public education investment and improved quality of care.

To the millions of men and women struggling with infertility, RESOLVE urges you to seek medical intervention early, learn about your reproductive health and treatment options and find emotional support for your journey. Know that you are not alone in your challenge to build a family, that there are many, many others struggling with you, pulling for you, there to help.

RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association is a valuable resource for those struggling to build a family, creating a compassionate, knowledgeable and respectful community, to help meet your needs and guide you down the path to parenthood.


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