How To Choose A Real Estate Agent In Placer County, California

When you are going to choose a real estate agent, whether buying or selling, you need the right professional in your corner. His or her recommendations are supposed to be the guidance you need to get the right deal. So you are setting out to find the right agent, but there are quite a few in Placer County, California. Just how do you go about choosing one? Here are some pointers to get you networked with the right agent in your city.

First, you will want to ensure the agent is a Realtor.  Realtors abide by standards of ethics and are required to abide by these to maintain their designation.

Also, besides just checking with people you know, you can also find recent clients of agents. You can do this a number of different ways. One way is of course to ask an agent for references. You certainly need to be doing that no matter what. You can also find reviews and testimonials left by past clients online. When you do ask an agent for references though, get an actual list of properties, and that list should, of course, have contact information for the clients involved.

Looking around online at agents in your area should help you find out which ones are prominent locally. Don’t just believe the hype, but this will still give you a general idea. You also want to pay attention specifically to the listings that agents have. Agents in your area can help with any property, but what properties are actually their listings? This will help you better understand just how much confidence the locals have in particular agents and how much notoriety the agents have in your city.

How far is an agent’s reach? What licensing does an agent hold? If you are going to hire an agent, you certainly need to be looking into licensing. There are also other credentials that you need to be looking into as well. While you don’t necessarily have to get that specific, it is only going to help you in the long run. The agents shouldn’t mind when you do your fact checking and look into their licensing and credentials.

The track record of real estate agents is so important though. That is perhaps the single most important thing to check up on. If an agent has a good track record and good references, then he or she is, of course, likely to have some of the best credentials. This would also mean that the agent has a good reputation. Naturally, the track record for an agent also testifies to his or her overall experience. It is great if an agent had a good year, but how long has that agent been involved in the industry? In other words, how many years of experience does that agent have?

When speaking with an agent, whether buying or selling, the agent should be familiar with different local area and properties without having to just resort to looking things up. In other words, agents need to be able to provide information at the drop of a hat about different local neighborhoods. This attests to their overall knowledge base about the real estate market in the area.  For Sun City Lincoln Hills Realtors, Team Gillis is one of the top-ranked real estate teams.

What type of commission is the agent going to charge you? What suggestions does the agent have for helping you either find the right property or for getting your property ready for the market? That initial consultation will tell you quite a lot. You do, however, have to narrow down the field before you get to sitting down with agents to see who gets the job. If selling, you want to be sure that an agent is going to have plenty of ideas for getting that property sold sooner than later. That makes all the difference.

The bottom line is, depending on your market area, and whether you are buying or selling, you have to take time to do research to find the best agent for you.  We recommend Team Gillis for buying or selling real estate in Placer County, CA.  Team Gillis specializes in …

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